The Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark participated in Find Your Way Denmark 2014, the couple were accompanied by Prince Christian and Princess Isabella. The event is considered to be an annual exercise day,  this year is the result of a collaboration between Danish Orienteering Federation and the Nordea Foundation. 43 free events  are held around the country is the setting for Directions. The crown princely couple atteded the even in Rude Forest. - 05 April 2014

On the occasion of the International Autism Day, April 2, all of Denmark has opportunity to “Run for Autism”. 

The National Association of Autism is this year one of the organizers of a nationwide race “Run for adults with Autism”. The purpose is to bring attention to the fact that in Denmark it is difficult for adults to get an diagnosis of Autism and therefore the necessary help, support and guidance.

Princess Marie attends the race as patron of the National Association of Autism together with children from the special 
"Well Field School". - 02 April 2014